5 Tips to Stress-free Holiday Shopping

Ah, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – if you like to buy gifts! Shopping for some is a competitive sport, for others it’s just fun, and for some, it’s a nuisance. Fortunately, the Internet has made shopping and gift delivery much easier! Here are five tips to keep in mind this shopping season.

Tip 1 – Use technology. Don’t be shy about shopping online and having your gifts delivered. It’s a great way to comparison shop, avoid crowds, save time, save fuel and make things easier. Do follow a couple of rules: buy from reputable online sellers, and always use a credit card instead of a debit card. Also, be sure to include a gift message with your purchase for the recipient.

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Tip 2 – When shopping at brick and mortar locations, try to go midweek if you can, and avoid the weekends. From now until Christmas, the weekends will be very congested. Have your Smartphone handy and ask for price matching if you are in a store and find the item online at a competitor’s site. It never hurts to ask, but be fair about it and make sure the item is an exact match for make and model number.

Tip 3 – Make a list. Write down everyone that you have to buy for and everyone that you want to buy for. Assign each a gift value and keep this list with you. Shop sporadically over time so it doesn’t have to be done all in one day.

Tip 4 – Skip Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Seriously, skip the hype. These are usually loss-leader items for retailers and not always the deal you think you are getting.

Tip 5 – Stick to your budget. Don’t be tempted to overspend just because it’s the holidays. Consider cutting the excessive gift giving (especially to children) and reinforce the value of why we gift. You might want to teach children, and adults, it’s ok to gift small items throughout the year and not just at the holidays.

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