Stay Focused on the Steak; Not the Sizzle!

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Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the old marketing adage taught to salespeople: sell the sizzle, not the steak.  That’s great if you’re the salesperson, but not so great if you’re the customer. Why? It basically means the salesperson is selling you on the benefits, not the features. This may cause you to overspend on an item. I’m here to tell you that as a customer, you should stay focused on the steak.

Generally, we already love the perceived benefits of what we are buying. It’s one way we justify shelling out our cash to make a purchase. However, there are few key things to consider when shopping and you encounter this situation.

Don’t overbuy. Many times, people get talked into buying more than they had intended. You did your research (online most likely) and you know what you actually need. Stand strong and don’t be coerced into overbuying more than you need. Maybe you saw an awesome grill online and you know it will fit perfectly into your budget and your backyard space. Once you arrive at the store however, the salesperson talks you into the newer, bigger, splashier model with SmartPhone technology, infrared grilling, mood lighting, rugged off-road wheels, and Internet capability! Wow!! Are you really going to use all of that stuff? Most likely not. Stick with the original features you were interested in and save yourself some money.

Beware of add-ons such as insurance, an extended warranty, annual maintenance service, etc.  You may already have insurance on the item through your homeowner’s policy so why pay more? The basic warranty may be more than you’ll need, and the annual service will most likely lead to a future upsell. In the words of an infamous former First Lady, ‘just say, no’ to these add-ons.  

Photo by  Raymond Perez  on  Unsplash

Photo by Raymond Perez on Unsplash

But wait, there’s more! How many times have you heard that phrase on late night television? This invariably means you are going to walk out with twice as much “stuff” as you had intended to buy. Be wary of these special two-for-one offers unless you really need twice the items or you can gift one of the items. Why the caution? Because this sales pitch usually includes an additional charge for the second item! It’s not quite as much as the original item, but you are going to pay more.

Unless you like overspending and being sold more product than you need, try to be aware of this sales technique and stay focused on your original purchase. In the long run, you’ll still be able to buy what you want and stay on budget. And finally, don’t berate the salesperson for using this technique. After all, they are only doing their job, and doing it well.

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