Why You Should Hire a Financial Planner

We live in DIY world.  Whether for home repairs or financial planning most folks these days feel they can go it alone. When it comes to your finances and planning your future is that really the best choice? Sure, you can search the Internet and find a few retirement calculators and even articles on saving, investing and “Top 5” lists, but is that information relevant to your personal situation? How do you know if what you found fits into your financial life plan? What if you make a move only to learn later that your decision cannot be undone without costly consequences?

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Hiring a financial planner can help you reap more than just potentially better investment returns. Financial planners can help you with a myriad of financial decisions and life changes such as retirement, debt management, marriage, divorce and the birth of a child. The help, guidance and advice of a financial planner is well worth the fees charged and studies by Vanguard and Russell Investments support this position. Vanguard claims working with a financial planner can add “about 3%” over time to your returns and that behavioral coaching is the most valuable benefit an investor receives. Russell Investments assess the value of a fiduciary adviser at around 4%.  However, these studies point out that a financial planner brings more to the relationship after fees than just a potentially better return. The studies reveal that in addition to a potentially better return, financial planners help clients with difficult decisions, free up clients’ time, explain complex transactions, and provide guidance and an on-going relationship.

When you do have a life change or follow-up question, a call to your planner can be a lot more comforting than going it alone. As an independent Certified Financial Planner™, I can help you create a plan, set goals and a timeline, and put that plan into action. I can also be there to talk you through market jitters and remind you of your goals and timeline. Let’s start planning today.


Vanguard – The Added Value of Financial Advisors

Russell Investments – 2017 Value of a fiduciary adviser update: More than 4%

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