Gift Cards for Teens and Tweens

Remember when your grandma would drop some cash in a birthday card? I remember the feeling of getting a card from my grandmother (we called her mammaw) and wondering how much cash I would have to spend. I think mammaw was ahead of her time. Flash-forward to today and you know what to give that hard-to-buy-for teen or tween in your life.

Gift cards and electronic deposits of cash into online accounts and apps are today’s equivalent of cash in a card from mammaw. Keep in mind that not all are designed the same. Here are just a few tips to make your gifting work.

Teens and tweens have different needs. Check with their parents if you are not sure what their favorite store or eatery is and then proceed with a gift card purchase targeted to their need.


Parents may want a tween to shop only at a specific store so you may need to acquire a gift card for that store.  Teens might have more freedom so a pre-loaded, credit branded gift card may work better for them if the fees are pre-paid or if the card has no fee.

What about those fees? Some credit card branded gift cards come with heavy fees. These are best avoided by purchasing the actual store gift card versus the store branded credit gift card. Branded gift cards such as Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Chipotle, the Habit, In-N-Out, iTunes, Apple, Android, etc., usually do not have activation or usage/non-usage fees. READ the back of the gift card carefully to confirm.

It's still money! Teens and tweens understand that their gift card has value. Let them enjoy the gift this holiday but make a mental note to discuss money with them later. Kids don’t see actual cash as much these days so it’s always good to discuss with them the value of money, where it comes from and how to manage it.

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