New Year, New You! Three Ways to Improve Wealth and Health

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Happy New Year! Yes, it’s only a date on the calendar but it is a great way to refresh, renew and revitalize your personal life and your financial life. We can use this holiday to not only mark the changing of the year, but to mark a starting point for changes to our personal lives. Most people pick a resolution related to physical fitness or financial fitness. Why not do both?

This is week one of the new year and you can get started on some financial fitness by challenging yourself to save $1,000 by year-end. You only need to save $1 to get started! If you need to save in envelopes, a jar, a sewing box, a tackle box or even a new savings account for yourself, do what works for you. You can also aim for a higher amount whether it’s $2,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 and adjust your weekly amount accordingly. Look for another post soon about reaching a savings goal.

With the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it’s a good idea to look at your individual tax situation. Popular items such as state and local tax deductions, mortgage interest, and even education savings offerings have changed or been eliminated. Take some time to review these changes and how they affect you.  

Combine wealth and health by adding some physical exercise to the mix. You need not go overboard or set a drastic, hard-to-reach goal, but do set a goal. Challenge yourself to start with something easy like taking the stairs more often, parking farther away from the entrance of stores, shops and buildings, pick one or two days per week and add a health walk to your day. If you’re lonely or bored, consider inviting a friend. You can improve your health and your friendship at the same time. Walking or riding a bicycle to a destination can save your money and improve your health. Improved health can lead to lower healthcare costs so it is a win-win. 

As an independent Certified Financial Planner™, I can help you plan for the new year and be on top of your goals.  Contact me and let’s get started on a savings plan or a walk! #talktometuesday #education #Hireaplanner #tax #taxfiling #stressfree #newyear #savings